MisCar's Git Games

A fun Capture The Flag event for programmers interested in Git, specialized for FRC teams.

Level 1


Level 1 Level 2

What are the first things you do when cloning a repository?

Level 2 Level 3

The robot would've been good in the challenge but it was destroyed! Fix the robot and find the challenge which it would've won.

Level 3 Level 4

We like the popular enticing game "migever" which randomly selects a team member who will be the "gever" (man in hebrew). In this level, find out the "gever" Israeli team. It is the only team that, if you were to commit right now, would be left behind! Try not to leave files behind when working on season's code.

Level 4 Level 5

The robot code has been hacked! It will not upload to our team's GitHub account, but to the dark sides'! Find the password of our hacker which he uses when pushing.

Level 5 Level 6

We've hidden the password to the next level inside the U.S. Constitution! A fine document. We've added the password over two commits, but you must think how to find it!

Level 6 Level 7

Welcome to the maze! You are trapped inside a dragon's dungeon. Find your way out through the branches! Don't forget to start from the correct one, you should know which it is. Beware! Going in random directions will lead you to loops where you can lose your mind!

Level 7 Level 8

We hope you enjoyed! Good luck on your last level. Find the trophy!


Name Record
Gustave Michel 00:04:00
Prateek Machiraju 00:05:00
Chad Krause 00:10:00
Sebastian Law 00:10:00
Yotam Shlomi 00:10:00